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Diabetes Update: Homocysteine

Number 16; July 2, 2001

By David Mendosa

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My most recent contributions are:

    on June 28, 2001
  • Homocysteine and Diabetes
    My most recent "e-Charged Newsletter" for LXN Corp. is about something most of us can't even pronounce. But there is a dangerous link between homocysteine and diabetes, the subject of the June/July 2001 newsletter. The good news is that we can control it easily and inexpensively. The URL is .

  • Six articles that I wrote in 1999 and 2000 were not previously available on-line. Although some of this information may be dated because the field of diabetes changes so fast, almost all of this information is still relevant:

    1. "Shaking Up the Insulin Market" is just what Aventis did when it introduced a long-acting insulin originally called HOE901 and now named Lantus. Formed of the merger of Hoechst Marion Roussel AG with Rhône-Poulenc S.A., Aventis challenged Lilly's monopoly on insulin. The URL is

    2. "Waiting to Inhale" is what most everyone who injects insulin is doing as three teams of companies race for the goal of oral insulin. The URL is

    3. "A New Star for Novartis?" is about that company's hopes that a new oral blood glucose lowering medication named Starlix will reach blockbuster status. The URL is

    4. Will islet cell transplants be "A Cure for Diabetes?" Since they offer the best chance, all the companies in that market are racing to be the first to bring a cure to the market. The URL is

    5. "Jet Injector Blues" is about the unrealized potential of injecting insulin without using needles. The URL is

    6. "Lilly Introduces Disposable Pens" and suddenly insulin pens become a popular insulin delivery route in the United States, as they had been all along in Europe. The URL is

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diabetes supplement
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