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Diabetes Update: Lag Time in AlternativeLand

Number 18; August 2, 2001

By David Mendosa

This newsletter keeps you up-to-date with new articles, columns, and Web pages that I have written. I list and link most of these on my Diabetes Directory at

From time to time Diabetes Update may also include links to other Web pages of special interest.

My most recent contributions are:

    on August 2, 2001
  • Reality Check
    "About the Internet," my column for the American Diabetes Association's Web site, reviews an Australian site for young adults who, unlike some people (apparently) are not altogether delighted to have diabetes. See the column at

    on August 1, 2001

  • Lag Time in AlternativeLand
    This news article is based on a disturbing report presented by two German scientists at the ADA Scientific Sessions in June. They concluded that the lag time between testing on the arm compared with the fingertip might be dangerous if blood glucose levels were falling into hypoglycemia. Two of the companies that make these alternative site meters responded either on-line or by e-mail to me. The URL is

    on July 24, 2001

  • HbA1C—The 7% Solution
    About Diabetes published my introduction to the key blood test for anyone with diabetes at

    on July 25, 2001

  • How to Talk to Your Doctor About Diabetes
    Mature published these tips. The URL is

    on July 25, 2001

  • Diabetes Treatment Is Getting More Convenient, Less Painful and Less Expensive
    This article at deals with recent advances is drugs, meters, and health insurance for people with diabetes. Unfortunately, it is hard to find. It's in the section "Articles related to Medical / Health." The URL to get there is .

Updates include:

  • Articles
    In October 2000 a great new Web site,, burst on the scene. Full of original content, they published thoughtful and lengthy articles as if there were no tomorrow. Actually, there wasn't, for the company ran out of money almost immediately. Their most recent articles went up in November, and the site has been dormant since then. CEO Richard Enlow tells me to expect it to go down very soon. Therefore, I have taken the articles that I wrote for the site, recoded them, and uploaded them to my Web site. The articles are:

    1. "Sugar overload—what's it doing to us and our children?" was the first article of mine that published. The URL is

    2. "Are we overjuicing our kids?" is a sidebar to my sugar consumption article linked above. The URL is

    3. The NutriNews Web site published a suite of five of my articles on November 10, 2000. The lead article is "The diabetes epidemic: Are you at risk, and what can you do about it?" is at

    4. "'Poisoning by sugar' and the 'safe for diabetics' foods myth" is at

    5. "Do 'heart healthy' diets cause diabetes? Some doctors claim recommended diets are doing harm" is at

    6. "What is diabetes?" is at

    7. "The glycemic index: why everyone's talking about it. Easy-to-use carb-ranking tool promises to boost energy, help lose weight, stabilize blood sugar and reduce heart disease risk" is at my most recent article about the glycemic index. The URL is

I send out Diabetes Update e-mail in HTML format, which all Web browsers and most modern e-mail programs can display. HTML has live links to all the sites named in the text so that with a simple click of a mouse you can connect to the site you have just been reading about.

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I send out Diabetes Update about once every two weeks. Previous issues are online:

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