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Diabetes Update #199: Diabetes Scams

February 1, 2015

By David Mendosa


My New Diabetes Articles for HealthCentral:

Last month HealthCentral published four more of my diabetes articles about all aspects of the condition:

Journaling for Our Diabetes Health
Writing about the trauma of diabetes can help us even more than writing about positive experiences.

New Diabetes Test Sites That Work
Researchers have just demonstrated that people with diabetes have two painless alternative test sites on each hand that have little or no lag from our fingertips when we check our blood sugar.

Diabetes Scams and How to Foil Them
There’s a sucker born every minute. And far too many of them have diabetes..

Fructose Fuels Diabetes
When we avoid adding any fructose to what we eat at home, we take a giant step forward in managing our diabetes.

An Opportunity for You at Your Care Moment:

YourCareMoments is a market research company that focuses on patient healthcare experiences and rewards those of us who participate. I have discussed this opportunity with Keith Olsen of the company, and from my experience know that it will be of value to us.

Through paid online surveys, YourCareMoments wants to know about the medications you are taking, the prices you are paying, your doctor’s visits and most importantly, how you feel about these experiences.  I have taken four short survey already and I don’t even currently take diabetes medications.  If I did, I would have many more opportunities to take surveys, according to Keith.  This is your chance to have your voice heard and make a few bucks at the same time!  You can also make money every time you go to the doctor or pharmacy because they send out surveys almost EVERY time you go.

Each survey is a few minutes long and you get paid quickly PER survey. You will be emailed every few weeks with the opportunity to take a survey. Once a survey is completed, your earnings will be sent right to your Paypal account within 3 business days. At no time will you ever be asked to give up your identity, as these surveys are anonymous.

In order to qualify for our surveys, you must be 18 years or older and living in the U.S. Anyone can register, but there are lots of opportunities for those with diabetes.

The survey focuses will change over time, but right now the main focus from YourCareMoments is for those who take or once took the following diabetes medications:  Victoza, Farxiga, Byetta, Invokana/Invokamet, Trulicity, Levemir, and/or Bydureon.

If you take or have taken any of these drugs, I especially encourage you to register as your experiences are extremely important to diabetes research.

Please visit them at in order to register. You can also email Keith at [email protected] with any questions or concerns about registering. In my experience, Keith has been most responsive.

New Flickr Site

I keep added some of my favorites nature photographs on In the past month I have added several more. You can find them the easiest way by clicking here

Dr. Bernstein's Webcast

If you have any interest in controlling your diabetes by low-carb eating, one of the best resources is Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's monthly webcast. It's an hour of excellent diabetes education available free either on the Internet or by phone. You can click here to register

The webcast is available for ten days at, and then it is moved over to, where a membership fee provides access all of his videos, webcasts, and transcripts.

Dr. Bernstein's next live webcast will be on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, at 7PM CST, 8PM EST, 6PM MST, 5PM PST. He designed it to answer your most important questions concerning diabetes and to offer his thoughts on the latest developments in this area.

Searching for My Articles
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Just go to and check which one of the four sites you want to search and enter what you want to find in the search block.


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