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Diabetes Update #206: The Insulin Index

September 1, 2015

By David Mendosa

My New Diabetes Articles for HealthCentral:

Last month I published seven more of my diabetes articles about how to manage our condition:

Should You Use Hyperbaric Oxygen to Cure Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Hyperbaric oxygen might be the best way to prevent amputation. Or maybe not.

The Myth of the Weekly Weigh In
When we weigh every morning, we lose more weight than when we follow the old myth that it’s better to weigh once a week.

The Insulin Index is Better for Managing Your Blood Sugar
The expanded Insulin Index shows that we need to take into account the protein in dairy products. Cheese, milk, and yogurt stimulate a rise in our blood sugar that is considerably more than predicted by the Glycemic Index alone.

The Tasty Bean that Doesn’t Raise Your Blood Sugar
This bean, which is little-known in the West, has one of the lowest Glycemic Indexes of any foods ever tested, even though almost two-thirds of its calories come from carbs.

The First Five Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor
Make your questions count. You’ll have so little time with your doctor.

Social Relationships Reduce Our Risks
When we’re better connected to family and friends, we are healthier.

Why You Need to Cut Your Carbs
People with diabetes have four big reasons to cut way back on the amount of carbohydrates they eat, according to a new study in the journal Nutrition. But what is a low-carb diet anyway?

My Slideshows:

I have begun to regularly write slideshows about diabetes for These are my new ones:

The 7 Best Probiotic Foods for Diabetes
Probiotic foods preserve and enhance food by harnessing the benefits of good bacteria, helping us to break down our food.

The 9 Worst Mistakes You Make When Checking Your Sugar
Sometimes you are too quick to blame your blood glucose meter when you check your level. You can be the problem.

An Excellent Infographic about Gardening

I want to share an infographic about four great benefits that gardening can provide for people with diabetes. “A green thumb advocate” named Sam creates content in a number of ways to promote gardening as an activity and wrote the infographic for us at “Fight Diabetes with Gardening.”

Dr. Bernstein's Webcast

If you have any interest in controlling your diabetes by low-carb eating, one of the best resources is Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's monthly webcast. It's an hour of excellent diabetes education available free either on the Internet or by phone. You can click here to register

The webcast is available for ten days at, and then it is moved over to, where a membership fee provides access all of his videos, webcasts, and transcripts.

Dr. Bernstein's next live webcast will be on Wednesday, September 30, 2015, at 7 p.m. CST, 8 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. MST, and 5 p.m. PST. He designed it to answer your most important questions concerning diabetes and to offer his thoughts on the latest developments in this area.

The Mendosa Store:

My new online store is now your source for professional diabetes care products. Some of these products are already available and more are coming. If you have a product that you would like me to carry, I would like to hear from you. Please email me at [email protected]

I am proud to offer a variety of products to manage diabetes, including lab tests, books by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, wound care supplies, and more.

The featured test this month is the Cardio Screen At-Home Blood Spot Collection Kit. This at-home blood collection kit tests for the big three markers of Hs-CRP for heart, A1C for blood glucose, and a complete lipid panel. It includes a prepaid return mailing envelope to send the sample for testing at a CAP accredited and CLIA certified laboratory. Test results are available via email within 1-3 business days.

Fitness and Photography for Fun:

Last month I published nine more of my photo essays on staying fit by getting the activity we need. Photography gets me out in nature to hike, and hiking keeps me fit:

Crow Valley
Camping out at Crow Valley in the Pawnee National Grassland put me in the midst of thousands of birds, eight pronghorn, and one snack. Here are my favorite images from that trip.

A Tundra Hike on My Birthday
I celebrated my 80th birthday my way. I hiked my favorite trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.

White-tailed Ptarmigan on Niwot Ridge
The hike was brutal and not what most people would consider summer weather. But the ptarmigan were worth the effort.

Brainard Lake
This beautiful lake has almost always been one of the windiest places. But my best friend visited me, and when we went to Brainard Lake it was as still as glass.

A Moose Adventure at Caribou Ranch
When my hiking buddy and I spotted a moose, we got separated. This adventure caused us to worry, but we now have agreements on what to do in the future.

Birds and Insects of Boulder’s Tallgrass Prairie
The South Boulder Creek Natural Area has an amazing variety of birds, insects, and native grasses. Even better for me, it’s less than two miles from my home.

Back to the Pawnee Grassland
The sun rose on Thursday over the Pawnee National Grassland on the high plains of Eastern Colorado as Sharon and I watched. A freak summer cold front brought the temperature down to 46 degrees, and smoke from fires in the Pacific Northwest partly obscured the sun on an otherwise cloudless morning.

A Hard Hike to the Loch
The Loch is the most spectacular lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, and the hike there is a moderate one. I made it harder than necessary.

Mount Evans
This summer I have been going higher and higher in the mountains of Colorado. I've also made sure to get up early so I could reach the trailheads at sunrise. I have reached both of my limits.

New Flickr Site

I keep added some of my favorites nature photographs on In the past month I have added several more. You can find them the easiest way by clicking here

Searching for My Articles
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Just go to and check which one of the four sites you want to search and enter what you want to find in the search block.


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