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Diabetes Update #215: Check Meter Consistency

June 1, 2016

By David Mendosa

My New Diabetes Articles for HealthCentral:

Last month I published six more of my diabetes articles about how to manage our condition:

Eat Saturated Fat to Help Avoid Diabetes
A new study shows that when we eat dairy foods that are high in saturated fat we have less risk of developing diabetes.

Check the Consistency of Your Blood Glucose Meter
You can’t easily check the accuracy of your blood glucose meter for diabetes management. But you can check its consistency.

Waist Size Is a Better Predictor of Heart Disease
To avoid the most serious diabetic complication women need to keep their waist below 35 inches; men need to keep it below 41 inches.

You Can Use Metformin Even with Reduced Kidney Function
Even if your kidneys aren’t working too well, you can take metformin, the FDA now says.

How to Manage Your Diabetes with Coffee
A new cross-sectional study shows that people with type 2 diabetes who drink 3-4 cups of coffee daily have better insulin sensitivity.

Berberine Is a Diabetes Drug in Disguise
Like any supplement, Berberine is a drug in disguise. It appears to help manage diabetes, but you might want to think twice about it.


My Slideshows​

I write slideshows about diabetes for These are my new ones:

The 10 Worst Myths about Diabetes
The worst myths about diabetes can destroy your health.

The Basic 6 Vitamins and Minerals for Diabetes
Many people with diabetes have specific needs to take one of these key vitamin or mineral supplements.

Cheryl Ann Borne’s “Bariatric Life:”​

My friend and fellow health activist Cheryl Ann Borne has remained free of insulin and oral diabetic medications since 2003 (read her inspiring story). Cheryl credits weight loss achieved by bariatric surgery and maintained through dietary and lifestyle changes. On this point, Cheryl and I are like-minded in our beliefs around diet and wellness. That’s why I think you’ll find her website to be valuable, whether you’re considering bariatric surgery or not. Her My Bariatric Life web-magazine digs into the all-encompassing issues around permanent weight loss. Articles are focused on treating obesity and its related illnesses, and integrative approaches to being healthy in body, mind, and spirit. I personally invite you to check out the breathe of information and inspiration that Cheryl has to offer. And if you’re curious about bariatric surgery and diabetes, below are two articles that she recently published:

Type 2 Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery
The International Diabetes Federation advocates for gastric bypass surgery as an effective option for obese people who have diabetes. Patients often never need insulin again, and the reason why may surprise you. It is believed that weight loss surgery reverses diabetes because the intestines increase production of the hormone incretin. After gastric bypass, the small intestine spontaneously begins to produce a molecule called GLUT-1 that helps the body use glucose. People who have had gastric bypass surgery reverse diabetes even before weight loss occurs.

Weight Loss Surgery Reverses Diabetes
The UK’s first large-scale study on the impact of weight loss surgery on obesity reports a large reduction in type 2 diabetes and many obesity related health issues such as hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. One year after bariatric surgery, patients lost an average of nearly 60 percent of their excess weight. It was also found that weight loss surgery reverses diabetes by 50 percent for those patients who reported having diabetes before surgery. No indicators of the disease were found after surgery. The rate of reversal of diabetes after weight loss surgery rose to 86 percent after two years.

Dr. Bernstein's Webcast

If you have any interest in controlling your diabetes by low-carb eating, one of the best resources is Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's monthly webcast. It's an hour of excellent diabetes education available free either on the Internet or by phone. You can click to register at no cost here: and you can ask a question or not as you choose.

The webcast is available for ten days at, and then it is moved over to, where a membership fee provides access all of his videos, webcasts, and transcripts.

Dr. Bernstein's next live webcast will be on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. CST, 8:00 p.m. EST, 6:00 p.m. MST, and 5:00 p.m. PST. He designed it to answer your most important questions concerning diabetes and to offer his thoughts on the latest developments in this area.

New Flickr Site

I keep adding some of my favorites nature photographs on In the past month I have added several more. You can find them the easiest way by clicking here

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