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Diabetes Update #218: The Stigma of Diabetes

September 1, 2016

By David Mendosa

My New Diabetes Articles for HealthCentral:

Last month I published eight more of my diabetes articles about how to manage our condition:

The Stigma of Type 2 Diabetes
Much of what we do to manage our diabetes lead others to stigmatize us. Have you experienced diabetes stigma?

Does Weight Loss Surgery Keep Working for Diabetes Management?
When you get weight loss surgery, a study shows that it keeps your weight off and A1C lower for at least three years.

Why You May Want To Take Early Control of Your Diabetes
When you wait even a few months before you start to manage your diabetes, may give the complications of this serious condition too much of a chance to develop.

Metformin Pro and Con
Two of the studies on the diabetes drug metformin presented at this year’s ADA convention were good news about its likely role in degenerative nerve disease and in dispelling concerns about its possible role in neuropathy.

Exercise Harder, But Not Hard
People with diabetes need to do higher -- but not high-intensity -- exercise, our leading exercise guru says. Like climbing stairs and incline walking on a treadmill.

The Stress of Managing Diabetes When You Are the Prime Minister Having diabetes is always stressful, particularly if you are the UK’s new Prime Minister.

Reduce Your Risk of Weight Loss Surgery
Get weight loss surgery in an accredited facility, if you have diabetes and a BMI above 35.

Yoga May Help You Manage Your Diabetes
Mind-body practices help manage diabetes, and yoga is best studied and most readily available.


My Slideshows​

I write slideshows about diabetes for These are my new ones:

10 Celebrities Who Live with Diabetes
Those celebrities who have diabetes, by acknowledging that they have this condition, help to counteract its stigma.

10 Famous People with Diabetes
Fame, power, and wealth can’t prevent you from getting diabetes. It’s something shared with some of the most famous people in history.

Dr. Bernstein's Webcast

If you have any interest in controlling your diabetes by low-carb eating, one of the best resources is Dr. Richard K. Bernstein's monthly webcast. It's an hour of excellent diabetes education available free either on the Internet or by phone. You can click to register at no cost here: and you can ask a question or not as you choose.

The webcast is available for ten days at, and then it is moved over to, where a membership fee provides access all of his videos, webcasts, and transcripts.

Dr. Bernstein's next live webcast will be on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. CST, 8:00 p.m. EST, 6:00 p.m. MST, and 5:00 p.m. PST. He designed it to answer your most important questions concerning diabetes and to offer his thoughts on the latest developments in this area.

Is Your Diabetes in Remission?​​

A PhD student from the University of California, Berkeley , is looking for people with diabetes that have been able to bring their blood glucose in to normal ranges. For this study, he is looking for people with type 2 diabetes who have been able to keep their A1c below 6.0 for at least one year without taking any diabetes drugs (including insulin) or bariatric surgery.   Some researchers define this as a level of diabetes remission.  

The project aims to identify the physical activity, dietary , and psychological strategies that people use to achieve such great success.  The student, Victor Villalobos, believes that developing a lifestyle treatment for diabetes remission starts by studying the people who were able to achieve it, rather than by making sophisticated theories from a desk.  He himself has type 2 diabetes and has also achieved initial success towards diabetes remission, being under 6.0 for several months already.

If you have been able to keep your A1c under 6.0 for at least a year, please contact him. His email is Victor Villalobos.

Does Your Dog or Cat Have Diabetes?​​

If your pet has diabetes, you need to check its blood glucose with a meter calibrated for dogs and cat. The Advocate PetTest meter uses the least amount of blood of any of the six brands of pet meters on the market now, and it lets you switch between dog and cat modes with a click of a button. The company just sent me one, but I don’t have a pet. So I am offering it free to the first person who writes me at David Mendosa.

New Flickr Site

I keep adding some of my favorites nature photographs on In the past month I have added several more. You can find them the easiest way by clicking here

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Just go to and check which one of the four sites you want to search and enter what you want to find in the search block.


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