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Diabetes Update: Stevia

Number 30; January 31, 2002

By David Mendosa

This newsletter keeps you up-to-date with new articles, columns, and Web pages that I have written. I list and link most of these on my Diabetes Directory at

From time to time Diabetes Update may also include links to other Web pages of special interest.

My most recent contributions are:

    on January 31, 2002
  • Insulin Resistance
    My current "About the Internet" column for the American Diabetes Association's Web site looks at one of the two causes of type 2 diabetes and why interest in it has increased in the past few years. The URL is

    on January 29, 2002

  • The Most Exciting Product that You Can't Buy
    Nothing has stirred up has much enthusiasm as a continuous monitor being developed by Cygnus Inc. in Redwood City, California. This monitor, which the company calls the GlucoWatch Biographer, promises to be the best device to detect nighttime hypoglycemia. The only problems, despite years of testing, are:

    1. It is not available yet and

    2. When and if it will be available, the conditions of use may be discouraging.

    I reviewed the status of the meter a few months ago, and in the meantime little has changed. Ashley Pettaway's TalkOnDiabetes reprints this article on her site this week at



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diabetes supplement
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