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Diabetes Update: Financial Aid

Number 33; March 18, 2002

By David Mendosa

This newsletter keeps you up-to-date with new articles, columns, and Web pages that I have written. I list and link most of these on my Diabetes Directory at

From time to time Diabetes Update may also include links to other Web pages of special interest.

My most recent contribution is:

on March 18, 2002

  • The Varieties of Diabetes News
    How can you possibly keep up-to-date with all that is going on in diabetes? Besides reading this newsletter, of course. Well, there are a few other sources of the news and they come packaged in different varieties. I review them for my "About the Internet" column for the American Diabetes Association's Web site. This happens to be the 100th column that I have written for the ADA site. The URL is

    on March 14, 2002

  • Dominating Diabetes—People Who Are Finding the Way
    I have been writing a series of articles for the DiabetesWATCH Web site about people who have succeeded in keeping their blood glucose levels low. How low is low? For the purpose of these articles I have defined it as a hemoglobin A1c test of 6.0% or lower.

    For legal and technical reasons, the site has only published one article to date, Because of the long delays in getting these articles published, the site authorized me to make two of these articles available on my Web site a month ago. Now, they say I can make three more articles available on my Web site:

    1. Gretchen Becker is a medical editor and writer who raises sheep in Vermont. She keeps her blood glucose levels low on a "lowish carb" diet. The URL is

    2. Teri Robert is a Web designer and medical journalist who uses the Exchange Lists to keep her blood glucose level low. The URL is

    3. Ron Sebol is a retired electronic engineer who applies engineering strategy to the problem of blood glucose control. The URL is


on March 8, 2002
Financial Aid
One of the questions posed to me the most often concerns financial aid. Now I have pulled together links to the best answers that I know about financial aid plus health insurance and scholarships. It's a separate section at the end of On-line Diabetes Resources, Part 2: General Web Sites at


Submit your questions now for the next edition of Diabetes Forecast - Live! on Tuesday, March 26, Diabetes Alert Day. Diabetes Forecast - Live! is a monthly webcast brought to you by the American Diabetes Association and the HealthTalk Diabetes Education Network. When Consuelo Hernandez was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, she didn't despair—she took action! Find out how she manages her diabetes and discover the critical link between diabetes and the Latino community. To submit your questions, please visit


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diabetes supplement
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