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Diabetes-Sight Site

Number 42; August 1, 2002

By David Mendosa

This newsletter keeps you up-to-date with new articles, columns, and Web pages that I have written. I list and link most of these on my Diabetes Directory at

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My most recent contributions are:

    on August 1, 2002
  • Diabetes-Sight
    I'm sure that every one of you gets an annual eye exam. You are the elite, those people who control their diabetes. Unfortunately, the hoi polloi are different. I was shocked when I heard that less than half of all Americans diagnosed with diabetes have their eyes examined annually. To encourage the masses in this noble quest is the mission of the people who run the new Diabetes-Sight site for which I cite the URL, The URL for my column on the ADA Web site about Diabetes-Sight is

    on July 29, 2002

  • Advanced Glycemic Load Data
    A correspondent named Ralph Brown, who is an Excel expert, took the new table of glycemic index and glycemic load values (at and added new dimensions to it. He calculated the glycemic load of all the foods per gram or mL and per ounce. He also ranked the glycemic load of foods overall and within their categories. Along the way he discovered nine internal inconsistencies in the new glycemic load calculations. Then I studied the data and found six more inconsistencies. I have brought this information to the attention of the team at the University of Sydney in Australia that prepared the original table, and they are looking into the issue. Ralph's advanced data is on-line at

Book Review:

    Encylopedia of Diabetes on July 29, 2002
  • Encyclopedia of Diabetes
    Here's a book that your library should have. Not your personal collection, but your city or school library. At $71.50 it's far too expensive for even diabetes specialists to buy.

    The publisher, Facts On File, sent me a review copy of this 374 page hardcover book published in July. Written by William A. Petit Jr., M.D., and freelance medical writer Christine Adamec, this book covers more than 300 topics in entries that range from one paragraph to many pages.

    The best part of the book is a 16 page history of diabetes. It's the best such history I've ever come across.

    Useful entries cover acanthosis nigricans, brittle diabetes, and the dawn phenomenon. Many entries are sourced to the professional literature.

    Less relevant and less useful are a four-page entry on Alzheimer's disease and somewhat shorter ones on birth control and thyroid disease. I would have liked to have seen an entry here on frozen shoulder, which people with diabetes have much more than others.

    I was quite surprised to see nothing here the glycemic index and glycemic load or low carb diets. These are some of my biggest interests. Guess they haven't reached the diabetes mainstream yet.


    on July 29, 2002
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