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Diabetes Update: Quackwatch

Number 8; March 15, 2001

By David Mendosa

This mailing list keeps you up-to-date with new articles, columns, and Web pages that I have written. I list and link most of these on my Diabetes Directory at

From time to time Diabetes Update may also include links to other Web pages of special interest.

My most recent contributions are:

    on March 15, 2001
  1. My current "About the Internet" column on the American Diabetes Association's Web site features Dr. Stephen Barrett's Quackwatch site. Exposing medical quackery in all its forms, Dr. Barrett is suspicious of any form of alternative medicine. The URL is

    on March 14, 2001

  2. I have started writing LXN Corporation's month electronic newsletter. It's called "e-Charged," because it is an electronic newsletter from the people who offer the In Charge meter for testing both GlucoProtein and blood glucose. Each newsletter includes analysis of a news item of significance to people with diabetes, a related lifestyle item, and resources (links).

    The issues published to date are:

    • March 2001. The news looks at a new article in The Lancet recommending low does of aspirin for most people if you have one of the major risk factors, which include diabetes. The related lifestyle tip is about medication organizers, also known as pill boxes. The URL is

    • February 2001. The news looks at the forthcoming availability of Starlix (nateglinide) to control blood glucose. The related lifestyle tip considers the growing movement toward blood glucose testing after—in addition to before—meals. The URL is

Updates include:

    1. New Background Please note the absence of the woven cloth background from this newsletter—and from the pages of my Web site. Thanks to all of you who responded to the poll in last month's issue. The vote was an overwhelming recommendation to change. Several of you specifically recommended a light beige background.

    2. Scholarships There's a new section (highlighted in yellow) on scholarship for people with diabetes on my Web page about "On-line Diabetes Resources Part 2: General Web Sites" at The section is down toward the end of the page and includes scholarships from LifeScan and the Billie Jean King Foundation. Missing are the Lilly scholarship that were offered annually for years but have been suspended. If anyone knows about any other scholarship or the status of the Lilly scholarships, please share that information with me.

    3. The MI-HEART Study The people running this study asked me to include this information in this newsletter. Anyone with diabetes is eligible for the study, which is not for profit, but rather an academically oriented project conducted at Columbia University's Department of Medical Informatics. The MI-HEART study, a free, web-based (interactive) educational project that integrates patient medical data with information about a patient's cognitive processes (how a person is likely to respond to heart attack symptoms) in order to personalize educational information about "how to recognize a heart attack." The goal is to increase the speed at which a person would respond to heart attack symptoms. The faster a person gets medical attention, the more likely they are to survive a heart attack and suffer less heart muscle damage.

      The information obtained from this study will be useful for developing more free online interactive medical education web sites in the future. If you want to learn more about the MI-HEART project, please visit the web site at

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    I send out Diabetes Update about once every two weeks. Previous issues are online:

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