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The Disintegrator

By David Mendosa

Last Update: July 8, 2005

I gave someone a Disintegrator as a birthday present.

The Disintegrator destroys insulin syringes and lancets by disintegrating them. It melts them at high temperature into ashes.


The Disintegrator

I admit that it’s just like a man to give such a utilitarian present like this. But it was much appreciated.

“It takes care of what I always considered a really bothersome problem,” she says. “What do you do with your old needles and lancets? I used hate having jugs of needle garbage on the kitchen counter. The Disintegrator gives you a nice, clean, safe way to get rid of your sharps. It is one of the few diabetes products I ever got that I like.”

Safeguard Medical Technologies LLC in Berlin Center, Ohio, make several models of the Disintegrator. We have the Disintegrator Plus, which has separate ports for needles and lancets.

It’s not cheap. This model retails for about $100. But President Joe Adkins tells me that with some cost savings they will soon reduce the suggested retail price to about $80.

The Disintegrator will burn long and short needles ranging in size from 27 gauge down to 32 gauge. The current owner’s manual refers to burning 27 to 30 gauge needles, but the thinner needles weren’t generally available when the company wrote it.

The name of the Disintegrator reminds me of the Terminator movies. But Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t destroy needles any better.

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