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Neuropathy on the Web

By David Mendosa

Last Update: January 16, 2001

When John Senneff  found out that it was something called peripheral neuropathy that caused the numbness he felt in his toes and the tingling and burning all over his feet, the first thing he did was to log onto the Internet. It was one of the best things he ever did.

But before logging on, he tried to find a book on the subject. What he found were expensive and written for physicians.

Plowing through 40,000 Web pages takes a while.

Then he spent, he says, more than 1000 hours on the Internet studying everything he could learn about his condition. Starting with some of the standard search engines, there are more than 40,000 Web pages that mention neuropathy, and it can take a long time to plow through them all.

Now, however, there are specialized search pages that direct you to the most important sites about all sorts of conditions. One of them is a page on my site, "On-line Diabetes Resources Part 14: Diabetic Neuropathy" at This page links and describes about two dozen of the best diabetic neuropathy resources on the Web.

The links on this page range from the most authoritative to the furthest out alternative medicine. Start with "Diabetic Neuropathy: The Nerve Damage of Diabetes" at This page on a U.S. government site is exactly the same as a publication printed by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The most extensive information comes from The Neuropathy Trust, a registered charity and a voluntary non-profit organization in Nantwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom, established to provide emotional support to people with peripheral neuropathy. The address is

Yngve Bersvendsen of Bergen, Norway, has the most comprehensive discussion of alternative treatments in an English-language page entitled "A Multidisciplinary Approach to Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment." This page, at, suggests a combination of prescription drugs, nutritional treatment, and vitamins.

If that's not enough, try the abstracts of professional journal articles about diabetic neuropathy. For this the place to go MEDLINE, a service of the U.S. Government's National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, at About 7000 of the 9 million MEDLINE citations are on diabetic neuropathy.

And what about John Senneff's research? It resulted in the first book on neuropathy from the patient's point of view, Numb Toes and Aching Soles (MedPress, July 1999,
300 pages, ISBN 0-9671107-1-8). The book, which has its own Web page at, emphasizes the range of treatments available for neuropathy. 

This article appeared in Diabetes Voice, Bulletin of the International Diabetes Federation, December 1999, page 33.

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